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Stunt  Equipment

All stunt & rigging equipment  (click images to open page)

Motion Control Winches

Motion Controlled

High Speed Winches

Camera and Performers

Motion Controlled 2D

High Speed 14ms

Payload 250kg

145mtr travel 6mm line

Full Safety systems

Stunt Descender



Realistic freefall speeds 

1.1m line out per rev.

Hydraulic descent speed control - infinite adjustment

240v reset winch -

Push button belt tensioner for quick resets

Stunt Driving Pod

Driving Pods (2)


Hydraulic power steering


Power Brakes


Very controlable at low

and high speed

Car Rotisserie .JPG

Car Rotisserie

For actor coverage inside  vehicle spinning as if in roll over or similar


Quick set up

Drive car on and secure

No drilling, fabrication or removing engines etc.

Very controlable variable speed


Stunt air ram New Zealand

Nitro/ Air Ram

1.1mtr long


Digital timed


No lag

Truss & I beams


Box truss, plates and all fittings


High speed (silent) trolleys

Remote control full size vehicles NZ

Car Remote Control


1:1 Driving Ratio - realistic brake & throttle control


E Stop module



Ratchet stunt New Zealand



Ratchet 1.6 & 3mtr stroke rams


Digitally timed Regulated - instant  reset


Large volume dump - multiple continuous fires 


Stunt Capstan Winch

Capstan Winches

240v Variable speed

in 12"x12" box truss



Performer trailer

Adjustable height trailer

for performers 



   Equipment List


  • Air Ratchets (digital timed)

  • Air Ram (digital timed)

  • Descender - Hydraulic

  • Motion Controlled High Speed winches 14ms

  • Capstan winches - Remote control

  • Truss - box high load

  • Counter Weights

  • I beams & dollies (silent/ high speed)

  • Rigging kits - comprehensive, rated

  • Load Cells up to 5000kg

  • Weight bags (rig rehearsals)

  • Mini tramps


  • Fall Mats

          400mm baffled





  • Harness’

          Fly / swivel harness'

          Hong Kong harness'

          Side somy / cartwheel harness'

          Jerk harness' (male and female)

          Ankle harness'

          Industrial & Abseil harness'



  • Fire

          Fire extinguishers

          Fire protective clothing - multiple full burns

          Protective Gel


  • Vehicles

          Driving Pods x 2  - power steer/ brakes

          Remote Control  system for full  size vehicles

          Car Rotisserie - drive on

          Turn over, jump, kick & pipe ramps

          Canon kits - pneumatic/ nitro

          Safety harness' 5 point, race seats

          & fuel cells

          Car prep & roll cages, roll canons

          Fabrication workshop         

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